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The Movement to Natural Horsemanship with Icelandic Horses

Gag bits, wonder bits, pessoas... are not good for Icelandic Horses.

There is a strong movement towards natural horsemanship for the natural Icelandic Horse.

No more severe bits; no more severe nosebands; no more severe riding.

Happy Islandshasten Holidays!

Icelandic Horses Connection

Fun Pictures of Icelandic Horse / Nöje Islandsk Häst Bilderna

Naturally Gaited Icelandic Horses

We are very much in favor of breeding naturally gaited Icelandic Horses and riding them with natural horsemanship. This is in keeping with their natural heritage. The weights of the shoes, boots, the tight saddles, big bits, are in the way of natural gaits.

Islandshästen / Kritik

Please be sure to pass this link onto other Icelandic Horse lists,
newsletters, publications, clubs, associations, other owners, etc., so that
everyone has a chance to view the opinions presented.

There are evaluations coming up and we should concentrate on natural gaits
instead of manufactured mechanical gaits which are not inherited.

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